Things you should know before becoming a stripper

Things you should know before becoming a stripper

To begin, you must work hard to acquire hours—most female strippers freelance, moving from club to club to generate money. Befriending clients is essential for tipping, therefore flexing your personality is just as vital as flexing your hips. And, while having people fawn over you makes you feel pretty hot, sleeping with clients is strictly forbidden. You’ll be showered in cash some nights, but don’t expect every customer to make it rain.

However, if you’re an aspiring stripper looking to become successful, we’ve taken the research-pain off your shoulder as we’ll be familiarizing you with some foundational tips that would come in handy in your journey to become a well-paid stripper. 

Yes, while you need to learn some pole dancing techniques, these tips will prove invaluable in your stripper journey. Alright, that’ll do for the introduction, let’s get to the meat of today’s talk. 

You’re probably not the entire deal, but you’ll need to become the whole package quickly

Everyone has their own set of difficulties and insecurities. “I didn’t have any dance experience, so I struggled a little,” explains a professional stripper. While some female strippers work out to be in shape, others may need to change their diets. According to another experienced stripper, it also need a specific temperament. “I didn’t have the personality to be a [stripper] at first,” she says. “I needed to develop a more entertaining character.”

Your personality is (nearly) as essential as your physical appearance

As strippers, you may obtain quick feedback by just looking at how much money you make. Your revenue will decrease if you perform anything incorrectly. “It’s a really strong motivator,” one Australian stripper adds. “If you’re shy, you say, ‘Okay, what are the things that guys would like to speak about, and how can I learn about these subjects to carry on a conversation?'” She confesses she had to learn to be more sociable as a self-proclaimed introvert. “I had to loosen up a little, and it was fantastic; working as a female dancer helped me to blossom into someone I loved being, rather than someone who wasn’t as socially comfortable as readily.”

The majority of female strippers work as independent contractors

Working independently for numerous clubs is the greatest way to maximize your revenue unless you just want to play at private home parties. Some independent contractors, such as Flora (a passionate stripper), are even prepared to travel for the appropriate assignment. “We’ll fly anywhere, drive places, whatever it takes,” she says. 

Flora and her fellow strippers choose their places depending on seasonal demand. Melbourne, for example, is a great “summer city” for bachelors, but Sydney is the place to go in the spring and fall. Working for a touring company is a completely different story—tips for popular troupes like Chippendales or Thunder from Down Under are non-existent. “You’re an employee, therefore you get paid,” Flora explains.

To acquire a job, you must first audition

Strippers, regardless of gender identification, must audition for a club before performing on stage. Club managers evaluate dancers based not only on their rhythm, but also on their physical appearance—some places even have height requirements. Curves have a role in the equation as well.

Certain clubs will charge you a fee

Depending on where you work, you may be required to pay a house fee in order to work. Make sure you have some extra cash with you so you can spot the club for $40 to $50, and keep in mind that this cost might be more if you arrive late. Some house costs are collected as a proportion of your earnings each night, which means you may have to pay over 30% of your earnings to the club in order to utilize their space. On the plus side, offering VIP dances may be profitable: Flora charges $400 or $500 each customer.

You can’t possibly please everyone in the club

You won’t be everyone’s type, and that’s alright. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not getting the attention you desire from a customer; instead, pour that energy into someone else. “If a man doesn’t like me best,” Flora says, “it’s not even worth spending my time because no matter what I do, she will still like that other guy more than me.” That’s why she advises identifying and sticking to your specialty. “I generally appeal to a more mature audience,” she adds. Things will go smoothly for you if you are kind to consumers and confident.

You should make friends with the other girls—they aren’t your competitors

It’s natural to feel like you’re fighting for tips but getting to know your fellow strippers is essential for drawing clients. Everyone has a distinct type, so if your co-worker meets a customer who is interested in you, she’ll set you up.

Of course, others will attempt to steal your clients

Not every lady will try to tread on your toes, but things may get competitive at times. “You’ll text a guy to come by, but then another girl will say, ‘Let’s grab dinner before work,'” Flora explains. “Then he’ll come in and receive some dances from her, not you, and your money will be gone.”

Don’t sleep with your customers

While becoming a stripper may appear to be a good method to meet possible hook-ups, you’re actually there to do your job, not collect phone numbers. Because some clients may misinterpret your attentiveness for fondness, you must maintain a professional demeanour at all times. “I don’t want someone to think we have a romantic relationship when we don’t,” Flora warns.

Final thoughts

There, you have it – 9 solid tips to adhere to if you’re starting out as a stripper. Take these like your guiding principles in your journey to become a well-paid stripper. Don’t forget that stripping is a tough hustle, hence, you need every helpful info you can get. Was this article helpful? Leave your thoughts, feedbacks and experiences in the comment section. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.